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This article is about the boy from The LEGO Movie. For the Star Wars character, see Finn (Star Wars).

"Hi, Emmet."
―Finn, seeing Emmet

Finn is a character who appeared in The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. He is portrayed by Jadon Sand.


Finn is a young human boy who controls the events of the entire film.

Movie Plot

"The box for this one said ages 8-14."
―Finn, arguing to The Man Upstairs

Finn had got up early, controlling events until he found Emmet after he falling through the Hole of Infinity. His father, "The Man Upstairs", is whom the Lord Business character is based on. At first, his father becomes angry with Finn for playing with the intricate and detailed LEGO displays the Man had built. He and Emmet watched in horror as his father Krazy Glues his perceived creations he had built. Eventually, the father has a change of heart, just like Lord Business does when Emmet convinces him to put the Piece of Resistance on the Kragle.

Finn's mother says "Come up for dinner." whether she made tacos for Taco Tuesday. He also had a younger sister (indirectly mentioned Bianca), when "The Man Upstairs" allows to play with the LEGO bricks. However, Finn did not appear happy about it when saying "What?".

Video Game Plot

Finn finds Emmet soon enough after he ends up falling through the Hole of Infinity. Out of fear, Emmet begged Finn not to eat him, only for the latter to greet him, put the Piece of Resistance back in his hand, and send him back to Bricksburg with his "Magic Portal".