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Fire Arm[1] is an Agents minifigure introduced in 2008.


Fire Arm has an orange and dark stone grey suit like most of Dr. Inferno's henchmen, with additional printing showing black portions of his uniform and silver robotics underneath. His hair is a black Mini Wig, Crewcut, a common hairpiece in the Agents theme. He is similar to Saw Fist, but has a cannon instead of a buzz saw on his mechanical right arm, and his face has cybernetics on the opposite side.


Fire Arm is one of Dr. Inferno's newest henchmen.[2] Fire Arm and Claw-Dette captured Agent Fuse when he was on a solo mission.[source?] During the Agents' mission to infiltrate the Volcano Base, Fire Arm and Claw-Dette stood in their way of facing Dr. Inferno himself.[1]



  • His name is a pun on firearm.


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