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Legends of Chima: The Animated Series
Fire Dreaming
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Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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August 9 2014


Legends of Chima


Fire Dreaming is the twenty-seventh episode but is the first episode in Season 3.


Eris has dreams and daydreams that she is on fire and is exposed to heat during the market day in Chima. Laval and Cragger tell their story of the Outlands to G'Loona and Wonald. She tells everyone she was on fire, but they don't believe her, claiming she was running and screaming. During the race, Gorzan wins the Golden CHI. At the fire Laval and his friends each have their own belief on how Cavora was formed and Chima was created. Eris asks on what Chima was like before CHI and Cavora. Laval says that if there was anything important before CHI someone would have told them.

Meanwhile, Sir Fangar is free due to CHI that Scorm dropped. Scorm encounters the remaining Crawlers. Two Scorpions offer him plenty of CHI and recommend they use it to escape. Scorm doesn't want it and tosses it down the gorge. Sir Fangar uses it to free the rest of the Ice Hunters. The move up the gorge and freeze the Crawlers. ShadoWind's helmet is seen frozen. In the last scene, Skinnet is near the Gorge and witnesses frost and cold coming out of it


  • ShadoWind's helmet is seen frozen perhaps a sign that Lavertus will return.
  • When Eris talks about nightmares, Cragger asks if it's the one about the dark cave and he says "nothing". This is a reference to his dreams about meeting and talking to his parents in a cave in the first season.