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A Fire Nation Soldier is a minifigure from the Avatar: The Last Airbender theme. Fire Nation Soldiers hail from the Fire Nation, and served Prince Zuko and the Fire Lord during the hunt for the Avatar. They appear in almost every episode of the series, and generally have moustaches. They use spears and swords as weapons, because Fire Nation Soldiers are not capable of firebending, unlike their Firebender counterparts.


The Fire Nation Soldier has simple black legs, as well as a black torso. His arms are also black, and his hands are light nougat. Over his chest he wears black armour with dark orange printing. His face is light nougat, and has grey eyebrows and a moustache, as well as a serious expression. He wears a dark red helmet with a noseguard.


Fire Nation soldiers made up a large amount of the Fire Nation Navy and Army. They are not Firebenders, so they utilize an extensive collection of weapons, such as swords and spears. Many of these soldiers were used to garrison bases and captured Earth Kingdom villages, but were sometimes used as infantry in attacks. They were also frequently used as prison guards.


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