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A Firebender is a minifigure from the Avatar: The Last Airbender theme. Firebenders wear skull-like masks, and rust coloured helmets. They are included in both Avatar sets, 3829 Fire Nation Ship and 3828 Air Temple. All Firebenders have the ability to control fire.


The Firebender minifigure has unprinted black legs and torso, with black arms and light nougat hands. It wears armour, which is primarily bronze-coloured, and a black helmet with dark red visor over its head. The head is printed with a skull-like white mask, with black dots for eyes.


Firebenders make up the bulk of the Fire Nation Navy, Army, and Air Force. They hail from the Fire Nation, and were used to murder every Airbender in search for the Avatar, under the command of Fire Lord Sozin. Firbenders still made up the majority of the Fire Nation military almost century later. During the arrival of Sozin's Comet in the war's 100th year, they reigned fire upon the Earth Kingdom.



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