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This article is about a Rock Monster. For the Legends of Chima Phoenix, see Firox (Legends of Chima).

Firox is a Rock Monster from the Power Miners theme. To date, Firox has only appeared in one set. Firox is sneaky and curious by nature, and fastest of all the rock monsters. Its name is a play on the word "Fire" and "Rocks".


Firox is made up of two pieces, a head, and a body. The head is stone grey, and is textured like an uneven rock. The body is made up of 3 smaller pieces, but comes assembled in the box. Two of the pieces are arms, which like all minifigures, are able to hold objects. The wrists do not turn, in contrast with those of a normal minifigure, and the hands are also much larger. The third piece is the main part of the body. It is mostly made up of transparent orange plastic, but it also has chunks of stone grey in it, which makes it look like a mixture of large pieces of orange crystal and rocks. The entire body piece has the same rocky texture as the head. The head is attached on a hinge, allowed the piece to flip upwards. When open, the inside of the body is hollow, and large enough to fit a crystal inside, even when the mouth is closed.


Firox are fast, sneaky, and love to play tricks. They have a big rivalry with Rex, because they ruin all the machines he makes. Their special ability, activated by eating power crystals is zooming around really fast and once seen they are only a blur. Most Power Miners try and stop them from getting crystals. A line from suggests that the Firax are Firox heated up.



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