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First Mate Rummy[1] is a Pirates minifigure introduced in 1989.


Rummy wears a bright blue jacket over a red and white striped undershirt, grey or white pants, and an earth orange tricorner hat. He also has a patch over his left eye.


Rummy is Captain Redbeard's first mate aboard the Black Seas Barracuda. True to his name, he is an alcoholic who loves drinking rum.

LEGO Description[] This is a description taken from Ladybird Books. Please do not modify it.

First mate Rummy, a fine sailor who enjoys a glass of rum, which may give him hiccups or make him fall asleep!

Gallery of Variants[]

Rummy 1989
Grey pantsWhite pants


Book Appearances[]

TV Show Appearances[]

  • Brick Like Me


  • In the 2015 Pirates theme, the Pirate Gunner is named "Rummy" in the file names of his pictures.[2][3] While he has several elements in common with the original Rummy minifigure (the brown tricorner hat, grey pants, and general design of his shirt) his eyepatch has switched sides, he's gained a mustache, and the main color of his shirt is now green rather than blue. Due to their physical differences, their different roles, and the fact that the "Rummy" name is only used internally, it is unclear whether Rummy and the Pirate Gunner are canonically the same character.
  • Quartermaster Riggings closely resembles First Mate Rummy, but is more likely based upon a nearly-identical pirate from 6285 Black Seas Barracuda with a black tricorne.