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First Mate Rummy was a cut-throat pirate through and through. He wore a blue jacket over a red and white striped undershirt, gray pants, and a brown tricorner hat. He also had a patch over his left eye.

In the 2015 Pirates theme, the character listed as the "Pirate Gunner" on the theme's website is named Rummy in the file names of his pictures.[1] While he has several elements in common with the original Rummy minifigure (the brown tricorner hat, grey pants, and general design of his shirt) his eyepatch has switched sides, he's gained a mustache, and the main color of his shirt is now green rather than blue. His bio reads "This is a pirate who is fond of gunpowder. But his hearing has suffered from all that canon noise, and now the Gunner is practically deaf. But sometimes, when the parrot won’t stop blathering, this is a good thing." Depending on where you read/hear it, He would commonly switch positions between first mate and helmsman.