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"That reminds me of the time..."

The Fisherman is a minifigure released in 2011 as part of 8803 Minifigures Series 3. He was one of the five minifigures chosen for a re-release within the set 850458 VIP Top 5 Boxed Minifigures.


The fisherman has an earth blue hat, and a white beard. He has a blue torso with printing which features an orange waders over a blue sweater. His arms are blue and his hands are yellow. His hips and legs are orange. He also comes with a fishing rod and a fish. He was the first minifigure to have a fishing pole.


  • At two per box, the Fisherman was the rarest minifigure of series three. However, the count was later increased to three per box, making it on par with several other minifigures.
  • His beard piece is white but the facial hair printing on his head is grey.
  • The Lawn Gnome from Series 4 and Ice Fisherman from Series 5 both include the same fishing rod parts, though the fishing rod is brown for both of them. In addition, the Lawn Gnome has the same beard, and the Ice Fisherman has the sand green fish.
  • An unnamed character which has a similar appearance to the Fisherman appears in LEGO Super Heroes: Animated Short and LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. The character is almost identical to the fisherman, but appears without a beard, a light nougat head instead of yellow, brown facial hair instead of grey and light nougat hands instead of yellow. At the beggining of LEGO Batman Short, the Fisherman can be seen fishing but was then crashed by Joker in his speedboat, who was being chased by Batman in his Batwing. The same scene directly appears in the level "Harboring a Criminal" in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, while the character is not playable.

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“That reminds me of the time...”

The Fisherman has sailed on every ocean, river, lake and stream in the world, and he has a story for each one. He can tell you all about the time he caught an entire school of flying fish with a butterfly net, was shipwrecked by a typhoon and escaped with the help of a friendly whale, or hooked a giant squid with nothing more than a fishing rod and an old rubber boot for bait.

Of course, no one believes these obvious tall tales, which makes the Fisherman a little cranky, because every single one of them is absolutely true. It’s not his fault that he had to throw his catch back because it wasn’t giant squid season yet, or that the batteries in his camera died that time he caught a sea serpent off the coast of Greenland. One day he’ll bring back proof, and then everyone will finally believe his stories!



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