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Fives is a playable character in LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, based on the Clone Trooper of the same name in the Star Wars universe.


Five's design is the same as any other Clone Trooper's: white legs with a black hip joint, white torso with black hands and a black torso print, and a white helmet with a black visor and details. In the game, he comes armed with a black blaster. He also has the ability to throw an EMP grenade, grapple, perform a single-jump, and place bombs in designated clone trooper areas. Fives is unlocked after playing the story mission which he appears in: General Grievous - Chapter 5 - Rookiees.


CT-27-5555, nicknamed Fives, was a clone trooper and as a cadet was a member of Domino Squad. As a clone trooper, Echo was stationed on a listening post on the Rishi Moon along with Hevy and Echo amongst others. When the base came under attack by Droid Commandos, the group of rookies were forced to flee the base. However, after meeting Captain Rex and Commander Cody, they worked on a plan to warn the Republic of an attack. The group managed to get back in to the base, and planned to blow the base up remotely so that the Republic's "all clear" signal would no longer be transmitted from the moon, alerting them to danger. However, the remote detonator would not function, so Hevy chose to stay behind and sacrifice himself, blowing the explosives manually and alerting the Republic to General Grievous' invasion fleet. Afterwards, Echo and Fives were made 501st ARC troopers.

A few years later, Fives was trying to discover his fellow ARC Trooper Tup's condition after his friend gunned down Master Tiplar. Unfortunately, Tup didn't survive, and Fives was brought to the medlab by Shaak Ti to discuss his behavior. Suddenly, he threatened to assasinate Chancellor Palpatine, and result was the clone cadet being chased by Shaak Ti.

Meanwhile, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker was furious that Fives would try commit such a crime. Then, Commander Fox and his Shock Troopers, also angered by his actions, charged at him. Fives tried to defend himself, but Fox shot him in the heart. He soon died in Captain Rex's arms, but not before saying that the conspiracy is bigger than any of them and he only wanted to do his duty, but the mission and the nightmares are finally over.