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Flame is a baby she-tiger released in the Friends theme in 2014. She appears in one of the sets from Friends Animals series 4.


Flame uses an entirely new mould. She is in standing position with front paws joined as well as the hind pair. Her head with little triangle ears is elevated and her long tail is slightly bent. The creature looks straight ahead with her blue printed eyes. Tiger's fur is light orange with black stripes on her back, cheeks and forehead. Her muzzle, front paws and the inside of her ears have patches of white with black details - mouth, claws and ears outlines accordingly. Her nose is light pink flanked by groups of three little black spots representing whiskers. Some accessories, like a light lavender bow, can be attached to Flame's head.


Flame lives in a beautiful temple hidden in the jungle. This mysterious building was constructed for her by Emma, Mia, Andrea, Olivia and Stephanie, as the girls treat the creature as a legendary queen transformed magically into tiger cub by her sister. Flame enjoys her new oriental-styled home with a throne, golden decorations and greenery. She feeds on chicken legs.

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Flame the Tiger

The five girls rescued me from a cave in the jungle, and then they build me a temple. It’s because they made up this legend, that once there were two sister queens and one turned the other into a tiger with special powers. I like the beautiful temple and the attention, as I am a bit of a diva.