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Flatfoot Thompson[1][2] (alternatively spelled Flatfoot Thomsen),[3] also known as Prairie Pete[4] and Bill Bullet,[5] is one of the three bandits featured in the Western theme, along with Dewey Cheatum and Black Bart.


Flatfoot Thompson wears a bright red shirt, suspenders, earth orange cowboy hat, grey pants, and a black scarf. His teeth are crooked and broken and he featured a nasty scowl on his face. Unlike most minifigures, he has nose printing.

In the PC and PlayStation 2 versions of Soccer Mania, Bill Bullet features the same parts and prints as Flatfoot Thompson's physical minifigure. However, with the exception of his brown hat, his clothes are different colors: his scarf is red; his shirt and pants are black; and he wears black gloves. In the Game Boy Advance version, the default sprite colors are accurate to his physical minifigure; if Flatfoot Thompson is on the player's team, then the CPU Wild West team's Flatfoot Thompson will have a blue shirt instead of red.


As an outlaw, there was a wanted poster that promised a large sum of money for Flatfoot Thompson's capture. He claims that Captain Redbeard is his great uncle.[6]

LEGO Description[] This is a description taken from LEGO Mania Magazine September-October 1996. Please do not modify it.

MEET Flatfoot Thompson
Occupation: Card player, bank burglar, train robber
Features: Long, dirty brown mustache, large front teeth sticking out of his mouth, bowlegged, feet are flat
Remarks: Wanted for robbery of Gold City Junction Bank.


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  • Ironically, the term "flatfoot" is American slang for a police officer.



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