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Flatfoot Thompson,[1] alternately known as Prairie Pete[2] and Bill Bullet,[3] is one of the three bandits featured in the Western theme, along with Dewey Cheatum and Black Bart.


Flatfoot Thompson wears a bright red shirt, suspenders, earth orange cowboy hat, grey pants, and a black scarf. His teeth are crooked and broken and he featured a nasty scowl on his face. Unlike most minifigures, he has nose printing.

In Soccer Mania, Bill Bullet features the same parts and prints as Flatfoot Thompson's physical minifigure. However, with the exception of his brown hat, his clothes are different colors: his scarf is red; his shirt and pants are black; and he wears black gloves.


As an outlaw, there was a wanted poster that promised a large sum of money for Flatfoot Thompson's capture. He claims that Captain Redbeard is his great uncle.[4]


  • Ironically, the term "flatfoot" is American slang for a police officer.


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