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Flex is a member of Alpha Team. He was the ropes expert and always had a smile on his face (generally a huge grin). He is one of the six original agents, and is said to be quite a wisecrack.


In 2001, Flex wore the general black jumpsuit with an Alpha Team globe insignia on his left torso. He had an orange stripe from his neck to his right leg, symbolizing his colour. Under the ropes on his belt, he had three grey capsules; uses unknown. He had the general "one-stripe" belt design, with orange on his left leg. He also had two pockets by each knee and a textured design directly below. In 2002-03, he wore an almost identical outfit, but in dark blue. Instead of rope, he now wore a sort of industrial wire across his chest. His old belt, as with all agents, was now replaced with the standard "two-stripe" belt design. Two triangular designs also on his legs; the new standard for Alpha Team. In 2004-05, he wore a completely different outfit: a black jumpsuit with orange/yellow overalls, an orange stripe on the right side, and the new triangle Alpha Team insignia in the centre. He wore a silver belt, and his legs continued the overall straps.

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