Class 4 article

Flight was a subtheme of Town based on planes and helicopters. The first set was released in 1987. But the theme wasn't reprised until 1991. The last new sets of Flight were introtroduced in 1996.

Most of the sets contained smaller aircraft. The most interesting sets of this theme were 6399 Airport Shuttle, which was one of only a few sets that made use of monorail tracks, 6346 Shuttle Launching Crew, which included a space shuttle and 6597 Century Skyway, which many people consider the best LEGO airport released to date.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1817-1.jpg1817Forest Flyer1313$14.991996
6331 Box.jpg6331Patriot Jet1632$16.501996
6341 Gas N Go Flyer.jpg6341Gas N' Go Flyer922$13.251994
6342 Beach Rescue Chopper.jpg6342Beach Rescue Chopper1433 1993
6346 Box.jpg6346Shuttle Launching Crew3785$38.501992
6515 Stunt Copter.jpg6515Stunt Copter321 1994
6536-1.jpg6536Aero Hawk431 1993
6597 Century Skyway.jpg6597Century Skyway85012 1994
6687 Turbo Prop I.jpg6687Turbo Prop I782€7.991987