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"We've been expecting you..."
―Fluminox to Eris

Fluminox is the leader of the Phoenix Tribe, and will appear as a minifigure in summer of 2014. He has two variants: one with a sloped 'robe' piece for the Phoenix Temple and a version with legs so he can sit on his Speedor in Inferno Pit. He also uses a new and exclusive harness for his wings, with a collar and golden feather patterns engraved on it.

In Episode 29, he appears in one of Eris' visions and he is seen physically at the end when Eris, Laval and Cragger discover the Phoenix Temple.

Due to not taking the fire wing armor, he caused the death of all 8 Phoenix Elders. He left them because he couldn't leave his son Flinx who was a baby at the time.


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Leader of the Phoenix tribe, Fluminox is many thousands of years old. He values logic and reason over emotion, takes life very seriously, and has never been known to laugh at a joke. An extremely skilled fighter, Fluminox can defeat an opponent before his foe even knows the fight has started. He speaks in riddles and it can be extremely hard to get a straight answer out of him on any question. His two goals in life are to protect the land of Chima and to see his son, Flinx, act more like a grown-up (both of which are very difficult tasks).


  • Fluminox and the rest of the Phoenix Tribe are the only Chima animals (besides Dom de la Woosh) not to have the first letter of their name match their species, however "f" and "ph" make the same sound and all of their names' begin with "f" and end with the letter "x".
  • The LEGO Shop At Home main image for 70146 Flying Phoenix Fire Temple switches his and Foltrax's headgear.
  • He is the arch-enemy of Sir Fangar.
  • He and Sir Fangar are similar to Laval and Cragger, as they were former best friends, until the other got a thirst for power. Yet, unlike Laval and Cragger, Sir Fangar and Fluminox are still enemies.
  • He sounds like he has two voices, one normal one deep.
  • He does not like "groundborn" animals with the exception of Tormak who he is good friends with.
  • He has a dislike of Lavertus due to his wisecracking nature, while his son Flinx enjoys his company.
  • He is also the old teacher of the Hunters, back then he used to teach them about a way to fix Sir Fangar and the rest of the Hunters, which was the Great illumination.

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