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Flying Mummies are minifigures from the Pharaoh's Quest theme introduced in January 2011. They are mummy warriors with magical wings and a special headdress in the shape of a falcon which possesses the power to locate the six treasures. They compete with Jake Raines to locate the treasures in order to restore Amset-Ra to power.


The Flying Mummy has a light stone grey torso, with arms and legs of the same colour. The mummy's hands are dark stone grey. The torso printing is of uneven and stained grey mummy wrappings, with Gold and Black Egyptian designs over the neckline. The mummy's hips have a printing of a gold belt with many small black squares over it. The legs have printing of tattered dark blue cloth. The head is double-sided. One side has two Red eyes and a leering mouth behind grey wrappings. The alternate side has only one eye visible behind the wrappings. The mummy's wings are attached by way of a piece that encircles the neck. The wings have sixteen feathers on each side, split up in two rows. The top row is earth blue and the bottom is Brick yellow. Gold designs mark the top of the blue feathers. The mummy's helmet is earth blue and shaped like a bird's head, with a beak and printing of eyes surrounded in white.


The Flying Mummies are elite versions of the Mummy Warrior. Their job is to collect the lost treasures of Amset-Ra and return them to him. These mummies were required to steal the Soul Diamond from its resting place atop an obelisk. They were able to locate the obelisk to the the powers their helmets give them, which allow them to zero in on the locations of Amset-Ra's treasures.


  • Their falcon headdresses resemble the Egyptian gods Horus and Ra.
  • Falcon from the Marvel Super Heroes theme will re-use their wingpiece for his first physical appearance. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

More dangerous but much rarer than the land-bound mummy warriors, flying mummies soar through the sky on the magical wings of Horus, carrying long spears that they use to attack anything that interferes with their hunt. Their beaked helmets are enchanted to let them home in on the Pharaoh’s lost treasures, so when a flying mummy is spotted high above, the adventurers know that they’ll have to race to reach the treasure first!


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