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Yes I know, it is sad. I was once an egger I.P. Worked on many pages around the community. I became a member, A glad moment. Got to be friends with Nighthawk Leader, MarioGalixy###### (Sorry for sprling), 9legoboy9, Kgifc, Legoaku, and more. 2,750ish will stay for a long time. I may edit, rarely. My hope is to have fun and happy editing.


  • I am gone because I have left LEGO for a while. I am a more a computer type guy, but I will be back.
  • I have set a week and July for a moment of silance, in honor of editers that have left, Darth Smith, me, and more. Messages of thanks are to be made on those pages. I will make a marathon were 4 dates will be chosen so there will be NO redlinks. I will make a message, then fade away. Goodbuy, and Work In Peace (WIP)
Your Friend,


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