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At the Knowledge Bank, you can ask questions about LEGO that are not limited to one specific article, as long as these questions are in any way related to the work at Brickipedia. If not, Wikianswers LEGO or the Message Boards on may be what you are looking for.

Knowledge Bank Rules

  1. Look before you ask. Use that little box on the right side of your screen that says "Search." Read the relevant article(s), or if you're pressed for time, hunt for a relevant search term in an article using your browser's Find feature (it's probably under the Edit menu).
  2. No questions about other companies.
  3. All talk-page questions not limited to one specific article will be directed here.
  4. Answers must be independently verifiable. With set references or other sources from TLG, if possible.
  5. Questions may or may not be answered in a reasonable amount of time.
  6. All standard rules of Wikipedia and Brickipedia decorum apply (NPA, NOR, etc.).

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