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  • Can someone direct me to pages describing how I can make set header templates for set numbers where there are more than 4 sets sharing the same number, or can someone make some special headers for the groups of sets around set #'s 21, and 22. Also the special header used for sets #1 -#3 has some errors in the names of the sets, as some have had a name change sourced from Bricklink and the header links to pages that need deleting,and for instance set #1 has 11 titles in the header where there are 13 in the set reference page. I have tried to add all sets to the list below # 23 at this stage so , there shouoldnt be any changes to this group. anyway it would be a lot easier if I could do this myself . regards to you kind Sir Gladiatoring 10:00, April 8, 2010 (UTC)
    • For set numbers where there are more than 4 sets sharing the same number, you have to use {{Set header/special}}. The right side of the header is automatically transcluded from three other templates titled {{Set header/special/<set number -1>}}, {{Set header/special/<this sets number>}}, {{Set header/special/<set number +1}}, as long as these templates actually exist. A list of these subtemplates can be found on Template:Set header/special as well. To edit these templates just follow the links on that description page. New templates should follow the pattern already layed out in the existing templates. It's basically just: [[<title of the first set>|1]], [[<title of the second set>|2]], [[<title of the third set>|3]], etc... . In a nutshell: If you want to use a special header for sets with the number 22, you have to create {{Set header/special/21}}, {{Set header/special/22}}, {{Set header/special/23}} and then put {{Set header/special}} on the pages of the 22 sets. --LegOtaku (talk • contr) 11:51, April 8, 2010 (UTC)
      • Hi , can you have a look at the templates I have created for the group of sets 200, 200 Plastic Town Plan Board, the template goes from set 200 to 201 as per normal , but the set after 200 (If I have ordered it correctly) is 200A, so I'm not sure how to go about having set 200A after set 200, thanks Gladiatoring 02:30, April 18, 2010 (UTC)
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