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The Fox Costume Girl, also known as Fox Girl,[1] is a Minifigures character who debuted as a background character of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.


Movie Appearances

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  • She is the first and (So far only) The LEGO Movie character to appear outside of the theme.
  • She is one of four minifigures to be in two or more themes who isn't a licensed minifigure or still having the same design (having come with a bag and chicken, as well as having a different face), The other three are Solomon Blaze in both Galaxy Squad and Ultra Agents, Brains in Power Miners and Atlantis, and the Monkey King in Minifigures and Monkie Kid.
    • Of the four she is the only one who:
      • Debuted from a licensed theme as Warner Bros. owns nearly all the original characters.
      • Has never appeared physically in her theme of debut.
      • Is female.


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