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"I've met monsters uglier than you, pal... but not too many!"
―Frank Rock

Frank Rock is a minifigure from the Monster Fighters theme released in 2012. He appears in two sets, 9461 The Swamp Creature, and 9467 The Ghost Train.


Frank has olive green legs, printed with metal patches on the knees, a chain and magazine cases on the thighs, and a belt on the hip area. He has a brown torso printed with a battered aviator's jacket, and a spotted white shirt. His hands and arms are yellow. He has a yellow face printed with sunglasses, a cocky grin, some stubble, and bruises on his face. He also has a thick, slick black hairpiece, previously used for the Mechanic in the Collectable Minifigures line.


Frank Rock was a motorcyclist rebel, who went out looking for his missing dog, believed to be abducted by slimy ghouls, and set his revenge on the Swamp Creature.

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Frank Rock is a motorcycle-riding rebel out for revenge. I found this wheelie-popping wanderer traveling in search of his missing dog, believed to be stolen by slimy ghouls. With a swamp boat, pistols, and a manly painted-on beard, the Swamp Creature had better head for dry land and hide.

Name: Frank Rock
Hometown: "I live on the edge"
Strengths: Wears his sun glasses at night and never backs down from a brawl
Hobbies: Breaking the rules and walking away from explosions without looking back at them
Battle Scar: Way too many bruises to count
Monster Arch Enemy: The Swamp Creature


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