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From Ghosts to Pirates is a Ninjago graphic novel.


Chapter 1

With preparations for the release of The Preeminent nearing completion, Morro fears that the Ninja might prove disruptive and so arranges for several of his minions to distract them at Mega Monster Amusement Park. The four original Ninja are caught in various traps-Kai on a flying ride, Zane on a roller coaster, and so on. However, the Ninja are able to escape and turn the tables on their ghostly views.

Chapter 2

An adaptation of Curseworld, Part II.

Chapter 3

Following the defeat of the Ghost Warriors, the Ninja are celebrating their newfound celebrity-which includes free gifts from various grateful citizens-but Lloyd is concerned that they are becoming complacent. After a brief conversation with an absent Sensei Wu, Lloyd is inspired to disguise himself as a ghost in order to scare his teammates in the hopes that they will return to their duties. However, a group of crazed fans-who had spotted Lloyd while he was buying his disguise-began pursuing him in ghost form, and his disguise worked a little too well on his teammates. Fortunately, the experience was enough to help the Ninja realize that they needed to take their role as heroes seriously and not rest upon their laurels.

Chapter 4

An adaptation-with some variations-of Enkrypted.

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