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The Frost Wolves are a species of wolf native to the Never-Realm in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


Frost Wolves resemble ordinary gray wolves, but with glowing blue eyes. It is unknown if they possess any other qualities different from ordinary wolves, though they are highly aggressive towards humans. Two massive specimens with armor appeared as mounts for the Blizzard Samurai in The Virtues of Spinjitzu, but it is unknown whether any such Frost Wolves actually exist in the Never-Realm.


Never-Realm Wolves.png

In "The Never-Realm", a pack of Frost-Wolves attacks the Ninja shortly after they arrive in the frigid environment, though one is seen frozen in ice as an apparent victim of the Ice Emperor. After a brief chase and altercation, the wolves flee upon spotting several of the Ice Fishers of Great Lake. In "An Unlikely Ally", Lloyd is briefly menaced by a pair of wolves, but they are driven off by Akita in her own wolf form. In “A Fragile Hope”, a pack of wolves pursue the Ninja and Krag to the Land Bounty. They are briefly driven off but return at night, with Krag fighting them off until Nya gets the Land Bounty working again.