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Furty, short for Furtivo[1], is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2013. He is a nomadic fox distantly related to the wolves.[1]


Furty is a nomad, an animal in the Kingdom of Chima who is not a member of any of the other tribes. Unlike his cousins, the wolves, he is solitary, but selfish.[1] In Foxtrot he spreads rumors around the Speedor race to turn the tribes against each other. In Crocodile Tears he impersonates ShadoWind to get payed for by the Ravens. He also appeared in a brief moment in The Collector, frozen in Sir Fangar's castle along with many others.(Outland Tribes, Original Tribes, Nomadic)


  • He has the same head mold as Skinnet.
  • He is 1 out of 3 Chima characters to have a translucent colored Speedor, the other 2 being Grizzam and Crug




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