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G'Loona is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2013.


G'Loona is the only known female in the Gorilla tribe and is a youngster, having short legs. She is an orphan, and taken care of by Gorzan. In a webisode, she secretly uses Gorzan's Gorilla mech and goes for a stroll, wrecking the Ravens' merchandise and finding Grumlo. In the Hundred Year Moon episode, she is kidnapped by the Crocs and is found by Wonald, effected by the Hundred Year-Moon, who she leads back to Laval's hideout.

In Fire Dreaming she and Wonald listen to Laval and Cragger's stories of the Outlands.

In Fired Up!, Laval leaves Flinx with her while he participates in battle. She tells Flinx that the gorilla tribe lives in fruit that regrows when eaten. She and Flinx use the plants and enviroment to their advantage when fighting the ice tribes. She and Flinx ultimately defeat the Ice Tribes by using an old tree to fall down and slide on the ice and teaches Flinx how to high five. Description


A lovable, little Gorilla girl who looks up to Gorzan and wants to be just like him. She also idolizes Eris the Eagle. G’loona is constantly trying to come along on the “big kid missions,” and frequently stows away on Gorzan’s mech. She wants to be a hero too, and will pop up in the middle of missions, hoping to help out. But she’ll frequently end up needing to be saved by Gorzan and the others. Gorzan loves her like a little sister, but wishes she would just stay back at the fruit steads. At some point, G’loona will help save the day, perhaps by randomly dropping a banana peel in front of the enemy at the right moment. But for now… Gorzan struggles to keep her safe, and AWAY from.


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