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Gabarro is a minifigure from the Adventurers Amazon subtheme, introduced in 1999.


Gabarro has brown legs, and a yellow torso printed with a red and white striped shirt with oil splotches on it. He has an anchor tattoo on his chest. His arms and hands are both yellow, as is his head. His face is printed with a frowning expression, stubble and an orange moustache. He wears a black army cap and a blue scarf.


Gabarro is a South American sailor who knows his way around the Amazon, and helped both Señor Palomar and Johnny Thunder to find the Sun Disk artifact.

In LEGO Island 2 for Game Boy Color, he is the first character met on Adventurer's Island, and advises Pepper to go visit Señor Palomar at the tavern.

In The Lost Temple - An Interactive Puzzle Book, Gabarro aids Senor Palomar in finding the Sun Disk, but betrays him in the end, preventing him from stealing the artifact.



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