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Gabarro[1][2] is a minifigure from the Adventurers Jungle subtheme, introduced in 1999.


Gabarro has earth orange legs, and a bright yellow torso printed with a red and white striped shirt with oil splotches and a wrench. He has an anchor tattoo on his chest. His bare arms and hands are both bright yellow, as is his head. His face is printed with a frowning expression, stubble, and an orange moustache. He wears a black army cap and a bright blue scarf.


Gabarro is a South American sailor who knows his way around the Amazon. He is a neutral character who helps both the villainous Señor Palomar and the heroic Johnny Thunder find the Sun Disc artifact.

In The Lost Temple - An Interactive Puzzle Book, Gabarro aids Señor Palomar and Rudo Villano in finding the Sun Disc until they are ensnared in a cobweb trap. Upon recognizing that the Sun Disc belongs with Achu in the Lost Temple, Gabarro betrays Palomar and prevents him from stealing the artifact in the end.

In LEGO Island 2 for Game Boy Color, Gabarro is the first character met on Adventurers Island. He advises Pepper to go visit Señor Palomar at the tavern. He also appears on an unlockable trading card.


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Behind the Scenes[]

In the January 12, 2001 LEGO Media Adventurers Island Character Document for LEGO Island 3 (which would later become 14556 Island Xtreme Stunts), Gabarro is listed as one of the characters in the Valley. His name is initially misspelled Gabbaro but is later spelled correctly in his description. Notably, the document refers to Gabarro as Rudo Villano's cousin, although this is not corroborated by any published media.[3] However, he does not appear in any capacity in Island Xtreme Stunts. This is a description taken from LEGO Island 3 Adventurers Island Character Document. Please do not modify it.

Name: Gabbaro[sic]
Job: Mechanic & Riverboat Skipper
Age: 30
Location: Riverboat
Description: Sidefigure with a cap, and soot-marks and tools on his stripped vest.
Gabarro is a skilled mechanic and riverboat skipper.
He has decided to give the life of crime up and stick to ferrying people up and down the river. He finds this much more job rewarding.
He has made friends with Rusty Dent the aeroplane mechanic.
History: Cousin of Rudo Villano
Quests: Gives Pepper rides across the river.