The Galactic Bounty Hunter is a Series 19 Minifigure introduced in 2019.


The Galactic Bounty Hunter is an almost entirely black minifigure, with the exception of his dark stone grey hands and metallic dark grey head. His helmet is reused from Ant-Man and Firefly and is reprinted with a dark grey visor, while his shoulder armor is reused from multiple Sons of Garmadon minifigures.

Underneath his helmet, the Galactic Bounty Hunter's face is light blue with dark blue spots and pink highlights, suggesting that he is an alien. He has a grinning facial expression, while the back of his head features additional cybernetic printing.

The Galactic Bounty Hunter's torso (both front and back) and legs feature detailed futuristic cybernetic armor printing. Notably, his torso features the original Blacktron logo of three upside-down yellow triangles, suggesting that he is a member of the organization along with the Space Villain and Evil Mech from previous Minifigures series. However, his design is distinct and unique enough to not be considered a straight recreation of the original Blacktron Astronaut.

The Galactic Bounty Hunter carries a dark stone grey Mini Spacegun W. Rib and a transparent red wanted poster, fitting his profession. The wanted poster offers a 300,000,000 credit reward for bringing in a generic minifigure, who is wanted "built or broken" (referencing real-world wanted posters with the phrase "dead or alive").


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