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The ships and hazards for the Space Police

Galaxy City Getaway is a LEGO Space Police III game released on the LEGO website in 2010. The player flies a Raid VPR to get through the Black Hole Gang's vehicles and catch Brick Daddy.

List of Hazards

  • Mines(due to an error these do not appear)
  • Cluster Bomb
  • EMP Bomb
  • Wall
  • Jawson's Creeker, which drops what are meant to be mines but actually as clusters bombs that don't split apart. Once destroyed, they release one or two escape pods similar to those that are included with the Lunar Limo. After you get past these escape pods, they fire rapid red blasts.
  • Astro Space Chopper doesn't do anything until about 5 seconds, after which it attempts to crash into you at high speed. While ramming you, its head is covered in sparks.
  • Ram Raider, which can be destroyed, but you have to release smoke. It will be in front of you once for 10 seconds.
  • The Skull Interceptor, which produces EMP bombs. The ship itself cannot be destroyed, and can fly over obstacles and other ships, but will leave after a few moments.
  • The Hotrod Hover Bike, which can shoot red lasers from its two wings on each side. When you bump into them, an aftereffect follows that is much like driving into the core of an EMP Bomb.
  • Lunar Limo can fire repeated Cluster Bombs, Mines, and rapid machine gun shots at the Raid VPR. You must destroy the weapon the Lunar Limo is using to advance to the next level and on the the last level destroy the limo itself.

Undercover Cruiser

On the last level you pilot the Undercover Cruiser which has rockets instead of the usual smoke.

Cheat Codes

  • Invincibility - Orange, Orange, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow
  • Mini Mode - Blue, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Red
  • One at a Time Mode - Green, Green, Green, Blue, Blue
  • Police Car - Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Red
  • Power Miner - Yellow, Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow
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