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Gargoyle is a minifigure released in October 2015 as part of 71010 Minifigures Series 14. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

“Oops. Overslept again.”

Being made of stone has its advantages – including being very long-lived and waterproof – but it has its drawbacks, too. The short but solid Gargoyle is hard-headed and stubborn, making him extremely slow to change his mind about anything. He’s also about as light and graceful as a rock, and so despite having wings, he doesn’t so much fly as plummet straight down. Fortunately, he’s extremely durable and can just walk away from the resulting crater.

The Gargoyle likes to hang out on rooftops so he can see all the way across the city, but he has a habit of falling asleep…and a gargoyle nap can last anywhere from days to centuries. When he wakes up, the landscape and architecture have often changed around him, he needs to catch up on all of his TV shows, and he’s usually covered with bird’s nests!


The Gargoyle is meant to look like a monstrous guardian statue that would be seen on a building. He is all Light Grey, with some details in darker grey and black. He has a new headpiece that depicts a rounded head with pointed ears, ram-like horns, and a large brow. A crack runs down the right side. His head has a brutish expression, with sunken eyes, cheekbones, a pig-like nose, and upward-pointing teeth. He has a new wing piece that goes over his neck. The wings are small and dragon-like. On his torso, there is some muscle detail and a large crack down his right. His left arm has another crack on it. All around his body are dark grey speckles to represent the stone material. He has short unprinted legs, to represent the crouching stance exhibited by most gargoyles.



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