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Tank Gunner is a minifigure from the Exo-Force theme, used as a background character. He only appears in 2 sets, 7706 Mobile Defense Tank and 7705 Gate Assault. He was unnamed until the Mobile Defense Tank was released.

Naming Discrepancy

He is listed as Mechanic in 7706 Mobile Defense Tank, while in 7705 Gate Assault he is known as Tank Gunner. His hairpiece is similar to Hitomi and Hikaru's. He was even mistaken for Hitomi in his My LEGO Network sticker.


  • His suit is the same as Ryo's 2006 suit.
  • His hair is the same as Hitomi from Exo-Force and Nightwing's from the Batman Theme.
  • He is similar to Ryo (to the extent of being mistaken for him in some 7705 Gate Assault images, and has the same shape hair as Hikaru's, though his is black.
  • His appearance may be an homage to Son Goku from the anime series Dragon Ball Z.