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Gate Guardian
Gate Guardian
Required sets:

8742 Vohtarak
8744 Oohnorak

Year introduced:




The Gate Guardian is a BIONICLE combination model introduced in 2005. It can be built using the parts of 8742 Vohtarak and 8744 Oohnorak. The instructions were split between the instructions of these sets.


The Gate Guardian's body features a Rhotuka Launcher and silver Rhotuka spinner on both sides. Pressing either side of its body causes its mandibles on the corresponding side to squeeze together.


The Gate Guardian species was created by the Makuta using Viruses and Liquid Protodermis to be one of the Rahi to inhabit the Matoran Universe.

After the Brotherhood of Makuta conquered the Visorak horde, Gate Guardians were also enlisted in the army. The duty of these Rahi was to guard key settlements, although not as vital as those guarded by Kahgarak.

Nokama and Gaaki once encountered a Gate Guardian at the Great Temple. Nokama was unable to defeat it with her blows and suffered due to its attacks until Gaaki realized the nature of the Rahi. Nokama used a Water Rhotuka to discover it and defeated the creature.

Since the Visorak were all destroyed on Artidax, the Gate Guardians are no longer affiliated with the Brotherhood.

Abilities and Traits

These creatures have the ability to project an image of themselves about two or three times smaller than them, while their real body remains invisible. The projected image repeats the actions of the real Guardian. Enemies often exhaust themselves trying to defeat the small image when their true opponent is hiding from view.


  • It is most likely based of an entry in the 2003 Bionicle Rahi Building Contest.

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