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General Machia is a female Vermillion from the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu series.


Machia has a dark red version of the green hairpiece created in 2013 for the Medusa figure. Her head, torso, and legs are all unique, with dark gray armor printing and dark red printing representing the snakes that make up her body. The sole set in which she appeared included a build to give her a more snake-like lower body. This did not appear in the Hands of Time season in which Machia made her debut.


Machia was formed from Vermillion snakes "hand-selected from the most genetically superior Serpentine" by Krux as part of his plan to take over Ninjago after reuniting with his brother Acronix. She proved the most aggressive of her compatriots, and quickly established her authority over companions Commander Blunck and Commander Raggmunk. This would show through as she took over the operation to steal metal from across Ninjago for their masters' plans, though she would later be called from the front to help "motivate" Cyrus Borg in his role as captive laborer. When the second of the four Time Blades returned to Ninjago, Machia reluctantly ordered Blunck and Raggmunk's forces to retrieve it, only for them to report their failure under an absurd pretense.