General Omar also known as General #1 is a former member of Lord Garmadon's Shark Army and a minor antagonist in The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

He also appears in The LEGO Ninjago Movie minifigure series and Garmadon's Volcano Lair. His Burned minifigure version comes with a Black Fish with fire coming out of it.

He is voiced by Todd Hansen.


He Was one of Garmadon's former Generals who helped him in trying to conquer Ninjago.

After failing to conquer Ninjago, the Shark Army retreats back to Garmadon's Volcano Lair were Garmadon himself meets with his other generals, telling them they had finally conquered Ninjago. But when General #1 tried to correct him by saying that they didn't succeed in accomplishing their goal, Garmadon yelled that he was being sarcastic, and asked him if he wanted to be a follower or a leader. When he said leader, Garmadon fired him out of his Volcano Lair.

He would later join the Lost Generals hiding in the Jungle, waiting to seek revenge on Garmadon. When the Ninja and Garmadon arrived, searching for the ultimate ultimate weapon, General #1 and the rest of the Lost Generals attacked them. Their attack was succesful as they captured Lloyd and Garmadon, imprisoned them in a cage, and planned to throw them into a volcano for revenge. However, the other Ninja who escaped, snuck in undercover and rescued Lloyd and Garmadon, and together, they built a escape vehicle.

He did not appear again at the end of the movie afterwards.


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