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The Genie is a Disney minifigure introduced in 2016.


The Genie was trapped inside a lamp in the Cave of Wonders until he was found by Aladdin (affectionately nicknamed "Al" by the Genie). The genie gave Aladdin three wishes, with the limitations of not killing anybody, not having anyone fall in love, and not raising the dead. After getting two wishes, Aladdin used the third one to free the Genie.

The Genie has a wacky sense of humor and likes to impersonate celebrities to paraphrase funny quotes.


  • He was originally voiced by the late Robin Williams, who was originally planned to play The Riddler in Batman Forever until he was replaced by Jim Carrey.
  • In the second film, The Return of Jafar, and the Aladdin TV series, he was voiced by Dan Castellaneta, who also voiced Homer Simpson, Krusty the Clown, and other characters on The Simpsons.
  • In the Italian dubs of the animated movies, he was voiced by the late Gigi Proietti, who also voiced Gandalf.


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