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This article is about the classic Castle minifigure. For other ghosts, see Ghost.

Ghosts are spirits of dead minifigures, that appear in many dark and isolated regions, and within some castles. The Ghost minifigure was originally released in the Castle theme, and it has become something of an icon for the theme. There have been several different variations of the ghost released over the years, including Goldie, Ghosts from Monster Fighters, and Spirits.



The Ghost has appeared in four different physical variations across the years, not to mention the different types of ghosts that appears in various video games. All three contained a specifically designed headgear glowing in the dark, black head, plain white torso and white arms. The first one (1990 - 1995) having white hands and 1 x 2 white tile and brick for legs. The second (1997 - 2000) having a ghost head gear and standard minifigure white legs with white hands, and the third one (2006) having yellow hands and a darker/trans glowing in the dark headgear piece.

Original (1990 - 1995)[]

The original ghost minifigure, and also the longest lasting, featured a glow-in-the-dark cowl with a smiling expression moulded in it, a black face, and a white torso with white arms and hands. Unlike later versions, instead of having normal legs, a white 1 x 2 brick and tile were attached to the bottom of the torso.

Version Two (1997 - 2000)[]

The second ghost minifigure is generally what is regarded as "the classic ghost". It is identical to the previous version in all ways, except for the inclusion of normal white legs instead of the bricks used by the original. In the Time Twisters theme, this ghost is used to represent Goldie.

Version Three (2006)[]

The third version of the ghost, which was the only one seen in the first decade of the 21st century, is almost identical to its predecessor. The only difference is that while the older ghost has white hands, this version sports yellow versions.


LEGO Racers[]

A ghost appears in the game LEGO Racers as a hazard on the Dark Forest Dash track in the first and fourth circuits, floating around and spooking racers who collide with it.

LEGO Indiana Jones[]

Ghosts are seen in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures as the ghosts that come out of the Ark of the Covenant. They appear simply as the shroud, without a minifigure body or limbs underneath.

LEGO Battles[]

The ghost is a playable character in LEGO Battles. Here, it resembles its classic appearance.

The LEGO Movie[]

In The LEGO Movie, the original Ghost is among the Master Builders that meet in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Vitruvius becomes a ghost after being killed by Lord Business in The LEGO Movie. He "floats" using a string.

LEGO Description[] This is a description taken from LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Please do not modify it.

A powerful attacker who strikes fear into the hearts of its enemies. Ghost strikes fear into the hearts of its friends as well.

Big, Bad Boogieman, Poltergeist Prime, Great Geist -- Ghost is known by many names. It is said that even the spookiest of characters fear Ghost's overwhelming power. Many legends abound as to Ghost's nature, but they all agree on one thing... Don't look under the sheet!

The Ghost minifigure was initially designed in 1990, but this variant debuted in 1997.

Crypts & Castles
Ghost was originally tied to Castle themes before breaking out on its own.

Eerie Glow
Ghost's body glows in the dark.

Floating Fright
One of the three variants of Ghost features no legs.

Trick or Treat
Ghost's latest design features yellow minifigure hands.

Gallery of variants[]

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Video Game Appearances[]

Movie Appearances[]


  • Concept artwork of the Monarch's Tomb, a location in Creepy Crawly Forest, was first shown on the 55000 LEGO Universe website in October 2008. It was said that living in the tomb was a ghost who had a raspy voice; however, the ghost simply needed a drink of water. Although the tomb and multiple ghosts appear on the game's boxart, this content was cut from the released game.