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"Booo! Did we scare ya?"
―The Ghosts

A Ghost is a Monster Fighters minifigure released in 2012. The ghosts are similar to the previous Ghosts, but have a redesigned shroud.


The Ghost's torso, along with its legs, are both completely white. The Ghost's arms are also completely white, as are the hands. The Ghost's head is completely black. The Ghost's shroud looks like a white blanket draped over the minifigure, molded with wrinkled lines and crease marks. The top of the shroud has holes that resemble eyes and a wailing expression, revealing the black face.

In 30201 Ghost Polybag, the included ghost has no legs, but a white brick in their place. It also has a ball and chain attached to the bottom of the brick. In 10228 Haunted House, the same style is used, but does not include the ball and chain.


Ghosts inhabit the land in the Monster Realm known as the Moor of Woe and Wailing. They drive and guard the Ghost Train from the Monster Fighters, who are trying to retrieve their moonstone before Lord Vampyre does. They come from dark, spooky and haunted places, and inhabit the Haunted House. They enjoy buying their shrouds at Boobash and Beyond, a fictional shop that's name is a joke on the Ghosts.


  • All of the ghosts glow in the dark.
  • In preliminary pictures, ghosts had black hands.
  • Their legs can move, but not very far as the shroud goes over the legs. Bio This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

The Ghosts

The Monster Realm is crawling with ghosts who guard the Ghost Train and infest the night air. They can't cause too much trouble, but it's best to vacuum them up anyway. When you are battling ghosts, attempt to turn on as many lights as possible, and hide under the nearest blanket as fast as you can. Even the bravest of heart should take caution when confronting these cotton-covered ghouls, and never, ever turn your back on them.

Ghost Facts:
Species: Spookyous Ghoulious
Origin: Dark, spooky or abandoned places
Weaknesses: Vacuums and being ignored
Powers: Flying, popping out of nowhere and moaning
Hobbies: Haunting, school spirit committees and shopping for sheets at Boobash and Beyond


Ghost Monster Fighters
HH Ghost 1
LegsNo legs



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