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Ghurka is an antagonist that was introduced in 2015; he is one of the Ghost Warriors.


Like Wail, Ghurka has a purple straw-hat, a Ninja mouthpiece that was included in the 2014 "Rebooted" line of Ninjago sets and transparent lime-green legs. However, unlike Wail, his head is also transparent lime-green, with a face. He carries a black crossbow and a brown quiver.

Ghurka shares all his parts with Cowler, Cyrus, and Pyrrhus, except that he comes with a quiver piece instead of the scabbard used by one version of Cowler. His legs, head, hat, and face mask are also shared with various other Ghost Warrior figures.



  • His name is a parody of gurkha, meaning a soldier from Nepal, and ghoul.
  • He is one of few Ghouls to have bows and arrows.
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