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The Giant Squid is a giant guardian of the Atlantis theme. It appeared in only one set, 8061 Gateway of the Squid.


The Giant Squid was born sometime in 1919, as The Secret Journal of Dr. Artimus Rhodes depicts the guardian as a baby. Some time after its birth, the Giant Squid was captured by Shark Warriors, and coincidentally imprisoned in the same cell as Dr. Artimus Rhodes. The guardian was freed by the professor, who then named it 'Squiddy' and the Giant Squid returned to its home with the other Squid Warriors.


The Giant Squid is 100 times bigger then a normal squid. This squid is able to trap its prey between its eight suction cupped, poison bar like legs. Then it bites down with its giant fangs to feast. Its secondary attack is to shoot a cloud of ink to blind prey. It however is too big to enter small places, and can be trapped by tying its legs in knots.


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