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Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

Gideon Worse is a character that appeared in 5731 LEGO Island.


During the main gameplay of LEGO Island, Gideon Worse can be found around LEGO Island in in various unfortunate scenarios, such as him walking off of a cliff accidentally or his head being knocked off by passing car. All of these scenarios tie in Gideon Worse's theme of bad luck. During the Ambulance mission, the player saves Gideon from choking a shark by clicking on him.

Behind the Scenes

A character named Gideon Worse also appeared in LEGO Island series creator Wes Jenkins' show Radio Shorts.[1] It is unknown whether this was before or after Gideon came into play during the development of LEGO Island.

Gideon Worse was also slated to appear in Island Xtreme Stunts as a Legando during a scrapped mission where Pepper was to help Jack O'Trades reunite the Flying Legandos.[2] The change in his role for this game was due to the developers referencing a fan site.[3][4]


Video Game Appearances


  • Gideon Worse is voiced by David Lander, who also voiced the Brickster and the shark in the same game.
  • Although Gideon Worse does not appear in the sequels, Lucky Larry can be considered a spiritual successor who fills his role as a perpetually unlucky character.