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Gigabot is a minifigure from the Insectoids theme.


Gigabot wears a simple clear transparent helmet. His body colour is a mixture of bullet grey, normal grey, silver and black, and his torso is plied with small tubes and has an Insectoids insignia.


Gigabot is an Insectoid walking talking robocomputer. His head is filled with a million gigabytes of information. Gigabot is programmed to pilot every Insectoid ship, but especially likes to fly 6919 Planetary Prowler.


Video Game Appearances


  • Two Gigabots appear in the video game LEGO Racers standing by the Alien Rally Asteroid track in the third and sixth circuits as spectators.
  • For some reason, Gigabot is depicted with a Spyrius Droid's head in several catalogue photographs and on the box art of 6977 Arachnoid Star Base.


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