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2008 and 2011 baby variants

The Giraffe is an animal that has a long neck capable of reaching high up in order to feed on food that is too high up for normal animals. Their necks also serve as good lookout posts in order to look for predators. If a predator is spotted, the giraffe will run away on its long legs. They are related to horses. They appeared in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, LEGO The Hobbit: The Video Game and LEGO Worlds. It was featured in some DUPLO sets with different revisions.

DUPLO Giraffes Variations

The DUPLO Giraffe was first released in 1990. It had a movable neck and a stud on its back for building and seating DUPLO figures on.

  • 2259c01pb02 DUPLO Giraffe Adult, Dense Spot Pattern
  • 2259c01pb01 DUPLO Giraffe Adult, Loose Spot Pattern
  • bb441pb01 DUPLO Giraffe Adult, New Style (5634)
  • 2278pb02 DUPLO Giraffe Baby, Dense Spot Pattern
  • 2278pb01 DUPLO Giraffe Baby, Loose Spot Pattern
  • bb443pb01 DUPLO Giraffe Baby, New Style

A plush giraffe has been also created.






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