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Glaciator (pronounced glace-e-ator) is a species of Rock Monster from the Power Miners line. It is the most common Rock Monster, appearing in 5 sets.


Glaciator, like a Rock Monsters, is made up of two pieces, a head, and a body. The head is stone grey, and is textured like an uneven rock. The body is able to be disassembled into 3 parts, but comes assembled in the box, and is only considered one piece. Two of the pieces are arms, which like all minifigures, are able to hold objects. However, their wrists do not turn like the normal minifigure, and their hands are also much larger. The third piece is the main part of the body. It is mostly made up of transparent blue plastic, but it also has chunks of stone grey in it, which makes it look like a mixture of large pieces of blue crystal and rocks. The entire body piece has the same rocky texture as the head. The head is attached on a hinge, allowing the entire thing the flip upwards. When open, the inside of the body is hollow and can hold a crystal.


Just as they appear, the Glaciators are nasty and evil. These Rock Monsters are blue and grey, and are feared by the other Rock Monsters. They get Boulderaxes or Meltroxes to attack the Power Miners while they feast on crystals. If there is any trouble underground, the Power Miners can be sure Glaciator is behind it somehow. When Glaciator eats a power crystal he gets ice powers. However, LEGO never stated how those powers were used.


  • According to the description on the Power Miners Watch, the description says that there is a Lava Monster with the name Glaciator. This is an error, and no such Lava Monster was released.
  • The name "Glaciator" is derived from the word "glacier."
  • He is the only Rock Monster without a 'X' in its name.



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