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Glatorian Arena III is a BIONICLE online game released in 2009. It is an update of Glatorian Arena II, with added locations and characters from the first one. Although it is an official BIONICLE game, it was never added to Bionicle.com, it was released on BZPower instead.


Single Player:

A - light attack

A + Up key - heavy attack

A + Down key - jump kick (Unlocked after winning the second fight)

A + Back key - Thornax shoot

S - shield

S + Back key - back flip launch (Unlocked after winning the fifth fight)

S + Up or Down - sidestep

Esc - Pause


Player 1
A - light attack

A + R - heavy attack

A + F - jump kick

A + D - Thornax launch

S - shield

S + D - back flip launch

S + R or F - sidestep

Player 2
O - light attack

O + Up key - heavy attack

O + Down key - jump kick

O + Back key - Thornax launch

P - shield

P + Back key - back flip launch

P + Up or Down - sidestep

Playable Characters

  • Mata Nui (Default)
  • Kiina
  • Ackar
  • Vastus
  • Gelu
  • Stronius
  • Strakk
  • Skrall
  • Vorox
  • Tarix
  • Gresh
  • Malum
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