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Go Miniman Go! is a one minute mini-film released in 2008 by The LEGO Group.


The film was created for the Minifigure's 30th year anniversary. It begins with Star Wars figures flying to the Death Star and a once-bald Luke battling Darth Vader. Then the Death Star turns into a disco ball while other Minifigures dance. Then we see a corner of a City complete with benches. One Minifigure is a skeleton, riding a bike. Then one Minifigure, which is seen earlier, goes down into a subway. Also a Minifigure breakdances. The subway train has the film's title sprayed all over it. Then we zoom up to a hockey game between the United States and the Soviet Union with 4 seconds left. After that we see Germany destroy the Berlin wall. There's also fireworks in the sky. Then a Minifigure with a pickaxe hits the wall and we go into the Space theme with two astronauts around a Space Station. We see a Minifigure riding a skateboard and in the background we hear Go, go Miniman, go go Miniman. Then we see the film's title and Miniman is red. Also "Where to next?" appears below the film's title. The film's animation is CGI animation.


Go Miniman Go

Go Miniman Go


  • The film is in 3-D and 2-D.


Go Miniman Go!

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