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Gold Tooth is a villain minifigure that appeared in the Agents and Agents 2.0 lines. He has gold hair and a gold pistol.


Gold Tooth is a henchman of Dr. Inferno. He wears a standard henchman's overall, but has an eye-patch, golden teeth, and a golden hair-style. In the Mobile Command center set he was flying a vehicle and wearing a black helmet with a golden visor. He has been used in several plots by Dr. Inferno. The first one was to locate and retrieve a cartload of gold bars. He did this as planned, and escaped with the help of a Inferno Henchman. Agent Fuse attempted to stop him, but failed. The next time Gold Tooth was used was to rescue Inferno from the Agents Mobile Command Center. He succeeded to distract the Agents while Inferno escaped. Gold Tooth was then instructed to steal a golden dinosaur figure from a local LEGO City museum. He succeeded, even though Agent Swipe attempted to get him. That was the last time that Gold Tooth was seen.


  • Although LEGO gave the name of Gold Tooth to the character, all of his teeth are gold, except for one missing tooth.
  • He is the only minifigure with that type of hair in gold.
  • He is the only Inferno henchman to succeed in all of his missions, never failing.


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