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Golden Sword is a metallic gold part exclusive to the Pharaoh's Quest theme from 7326 Rise of the Sphinx.


The sword is the fifth treasure of Amset-Ra and is guarded by the Sphinx monster 7326 Rise of the Sphinx. It is similar to the sword the Mummy Warrior wields, only in gold. In the set it comes in, the adventurers can place a piece of dynamite onto a hook on a wall, and by pressing lever in the back of the temple, the base of the sword is revealed. It will also be the iconic treasure Jake Raines will need to find in the fifth chapter of the game. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Hidden away in the Temple of Anubis and guarded by a powerful Sphinx of living stone, the Golden Sword bestows upon the Pharaoh the might and fighting ability of Egypt’s greatest warriors throughout history. Wielding the sword, he will become a whirling flurry of destruction, striking down any obstacle that stands in the way!

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