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Chef Gordon Zola is a chef minifigure released in 2003 as part of World City, and released again in 2014 as part of the LEGO Movie theme.


Dressed much like other chefs, Gordon Zola wears a white chef coat with a red neckerchief, grey pants, and a white Mini Bakers Hat. His face is printed with a smiling facial expression and a large black handlebar mustache.

In his appearance in The LEGO Movie theme, Gordon Zola's pants were updated to medium stone grey, and his smile was changed to a frightened expression; however, his original smile is seen in The Emmet Awards Show!, confirming that both faces represent the same character with different emotions. Since the two minifigures are otherwise identical, it is likely that both represent the same character.

A flesh-skin toned variation of Gordon Zola appears in The LEGO Batman Movie.


World City

Gordon Zola works at Grand Central Station, where he cooks pizzas for passengers and travelers.

The LEGO Movie

Gordon Zola is head chef at Bricksburg's ritziest restaurant. Under President Business's authority, he is unable to fulfill his dreams of being more experimental with cooking. However, he appears as one of the Master Builders who secretly meet in Cloud Cuckoo Land. When Lord Business unleashes his Micro Managers in Bricksburg, Gordon Zola is saved by Garbage Man Dan and Garbage Man Grant in their rebuilt Trash Chomper. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

The head chef of the ritziest restaurant in all of Bricksburg. His recipe book contains precise instructions for preparing everything from giant turkey legs to pizza pies, which is easy when everything is made of plastic and the ovens don’t turn on. Chef Gordon Zola secretly dreams of a day when he will be able to experiment with creating his own new and original dishes, but as long as President Business is in charge, he knows that he has to keep making everything according to the rules.

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  • Gordon Zola's name is also a pun on Gorgonzola, a type of cheese. His first name may also be a reference to famed chef Gordon Ramsay.
  • He makes a cameo appearance in 21204 Town Master.