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Governor Tierney,[1] also known as Royal Feather,[2] is a minifigure from the 2009 Pirates theme.


Much like Governor Broadside and Governor Hacienda, Governor Tierney is dressed with a blue navy frock coat, and is adorned with epaulets and a bicorn hat. His face has gray mutton chops and a grinning expression.

The original 2009 version of Governor Tierney has red epaulets and is sometimes depicted with a red plume on his bicorn hat. The later 2010 version features gold epaulets and a blue plume instead; otherwise, the two minifigures are identical.


Governor Tierney is the leader of the Royal Navy Soldiers and the rival of Captain Brickbeard. His daughter is Leigh Tierney, and he is the captain of the Imperial Flagship according to its product description.

Governor Tierney makes his debut in 6242 Soldiers' Fort. In the set's comic, Tierney fires his flintlock pistol at Brickbeard, who is holding onto the fort's crane. The bullet snaps the rope, dropping Brickbeard and the treasure chest into the water below.[3]

In the Quest for the Pirate Dictionary! LEGO Club Magazine comic, Governor Tierney is inside the Soldiers' Fort, studying the map that leads to the Pirate Dictionary. Tierney plans to use the dictionary to learn the pirate plans. However, Captain Brickbeard swings into the fort and snatches the map away from Tierney.[4]

LEGO Quest & Collect reveals that Royal Feather used to be friends with the pirate Nobeard, although their friendship has since ended due to their respective occupations. He is a physical attacker with the skills Cannonade, Snipe, and Hawkeye.

In LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Governor Tierney has the abilities His Majesty's Mace, Smoke & Buccaneers, Payback Politics, and Populist. He is characterized as willing to do anything to win, at the expense of being a good father to his daughter Leigh Tierney.



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No plumeRed plumeBlue plume

LEGO Description This is a description taken from 2856195 LEGO Minifigure Ultimate Sticker Collection. Do not modify it.

The Governor is in charge of the Navy. The navy's job is to stop pirates from stealing treasure. This is a description taken from LEGO Quest & Collect. Do not modify it.

NAME: Royal Feather
An officer of the Royal Navy. He was in charge of guarding a peaceful village and the naval base nearby, but the Mad Creator turned this into what is now known as the Frozen Village. He dislikes the pirates, and although he used to be friends with the pirate Nobeard, they've drifted apart due to the occupational differences. This is a description taken from LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Do not modify it.

An attacker that inflicts massive damage over time. At least, that's what he likes to tell the voters.

Governor Tierney's iron grip over Imperial hearts is guided by only one rule: Always win. His obsessive ambition to always come out on top has seen him switch sides, break promises, betray close allies, and not win "Dad of the Year." But that's because he bet against himself.

Released in 2010.

Role of a Lifetime
Has only appeared in 1 set.

Father of Governor's Daughter.

Hat Head
Wears his bicorn hat everywhere.

His personal carrier is the Imperial Flagship.