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Gravity Games is a subtheme of the Sports theme. It was launched in 2003, and by the end of the year, was discontinued.


LEGO Gravity Games were mainly intended to be based upon the real Gravity Games of winter of 2003.

These sets were known for their many features, including the ability to ramp and slide minifigures on snowboards or skateboards. Other sets were made to create large parks that could be customized and recreated by the owner. These sets also came with obstacles and "stunt sticks" that could be used for special tricks.


Note: Half of this theme's line were Promotional sets:

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
3389 Skateboarder3389Skateboarder51 2003
3535 Box3535Skateboard Street Park691$9.992003
3536 Box3536Snowboard Big Air Comp82Snowboarder 2003
3537-13537Skateboard Vert Park Challenge882 Skateboarders$20.002003
3538-1-13538Snowboard Boarder Cross Race1972 Snowboarders 2003
3585 Snowboard Super Pipe3585Snowboard Super Pipe2252 2003
5015 Skater5015Skateboarder161 2003
50185018Snowboarder17Snowboarder 2003
7921 Skateboarder7921Skateboarder61 2004
7922 Snowboarder7922Snowboarder51 2004
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