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For the DC Comics character, see Gray Ghost (Super Heroes).

Gray Ghost is a minifigure from the Speed Racer theme.


Gray Ghost wears a black helmet and a racing suit with a chain motif.

(The Gray Ghost's appearance in the movie "Speed Racer" is slightly different from his Minifigure counterpart)


A French driver who races for the independent sponsor Écran Etablissement, the Gray Ghost believes in honesty and fairness, though when racing he often does not show it. He earned his nickname through his skill at weaving easily between cars. In the movie, the Gray Ghost's first appearance is at the Fuji Helexicon race, shortly after Speed Racer rejects Royalton Industries' offer to sponsor him. Gray Ghost is the driver who becomes partly responsible for causing Speed to crash out of the race, but considering the Gray Ghost's belief in fairness, it is unknown if this was intentional. Gray Ghost goes on to win at Fuji and qualify for the Grand Prix. There, he faces Speed Racer again. When the intended winner, Cannonball Taylor, is crashed out of the race by Speed, Gray Ghost moves into the lead, but is ultimately defeated by Speed in the final stretch of the race.


The Gray Ghost's car, the Fummé, has unique characteristics that set it apart from the other T-180 vehicles on the race track. The Fummé's colors are black and gray, with blue and gray "Smoke trails" covering the entire body of the car. It is also rumored that the Fummé has an illegal cloaking device mod that can render the car completely invisible, though this has not yet been proven.


Gray Ghost in his car, the Fumee

Some LEGO fans have stated that the model of the Fummé is one of the best vehicles in the LEGO Speed Racer line.


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