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This article is about the Ninja minifigure. For the Ninjago minifigure, see Lloyd Garmadon.

The male Green Ninja is a Ninja minifigure introduced in 2000. He wears all green and wields a Katana.


He has a green ninja mask with a place in the back where he can put his katana, he has black oval eyes, he has a green torso representing robes underneath his robes he wears a scaly gold shirt also in his robes he holds a grey and gold scroll and a rounded shruiken. The Male Green Ninja has green arms, hips and legs and yellow hands.


According to his character card, he is young and agile, and his preferred weapon is a knife.


LEGO Description This is a description taken from 3344 Ninja #3. Do not modify it.

The Green Ninja is young and agile. He always carries out his assignments with stealth and cunning. His favourite weapon is the knife.

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